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7 Top Foods To Include In Your Kid’s Diet

Today we are to discuss about the seven healthiest food you must include in your children diet plan to make them healthy : 1. Oatmeal: The wonderful breakfast meal. It is full of B vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium. You May add honey or strawberries to make it not only perfect but delicious too. As per research oat meals are great source of carbohydrate and also rich in fiber. Thus it gives great source of energy and […]

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7 Weight Loss Tips for Kids and Their Families

Today we are here with few tips and do’s and don’ts that is going to assist your victory over obesity for your loved ones: 1. For children their parents are role model. Since childhood till they grow up as matured young man or woman they watch their parents activity including eating habit too. Thus Parents must watch what they are eating. Also do not keep junk food in your kitchen or refrigerator. Better you fill your kitchen […]

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