Is Your Diet Risking Your Health ?

Following current trend of looking good had made people indulge in various kinds of Fads diet plans. Without noticing the consequences be it is good or bad people are blindly following the plan. Just to look attractive and reduce weight people it is not advisable to follow any plan without knowing your body nutritional requirement. Today we are here to discuss on the same. Are we aware the diet plan we are following is fruitful for us or is dangerous for our health?

The biggest myth which people today have is leaving or skipping meal will help you in reducing weight quickly. People are preferring food excursion. Research has shown that eating less or food excursion had adverse effect on one’s body. Especially it may lead to carbohydrate craving. Once the craving start or reduction in amount of vitamin B required is reduced or not met it may lead to weakness, fatigue or nausea. Thus one must take care about the nutritional requirement of one’s body and try to take intake of required nutrition of body. Our diet should be balanced diet and should be taken o regular intervals. This helps you in maintaining body metabolism thus reducing weight. This will keep you healthy active and in shape too.

Carbohydrate we intake act as a fuel for human body. They not only give us energy to remain energetic or active but also secret nutrition required for brain to think and analyses. Thus not only physically but mentally also to remain active and fir carbohydrate intake is must. So my friend if you are following any diet plan which ask you to reduce the intake of food supplement in your diet which are source of carbohydrate, I would suggest do not follow it. They will make you weak rather than reducing weight. Add adequate protein supplement in your diet as it helps in building your body muscles and keep you strong. Fruits and vegetables are great source of vitamins and minerals kindly indulge them in your diet in order to increase your bowl movement and thus reducing unwanted fat from your body.

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