Fighting Child Obesity

According to Fitness and nutrition expert, Tracey Redford of Curves International, the lack of physical involvement of youth of today is because of internet and television. Also improper food habit and low work out or no exercise is causing serious health problem in children of today apart from obesity. Improper nutrition and lack of exercise are the primary reasons of severe health issue such as high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Redford also said in an interview, we are living in such a complex society. Youth or children are so physically and emotionally affected. Cases of children or elders going under depression or divorce cases are increasing day by day. The lack of motivation and involvement with family triggers imbalance effect on eating habit of the children or youth thus adversely affecting them both physically or emotionally.

Canada came up with the idea of Fat Summer camp in order to deal with upcoming threat of obesity, which citizen of Canada is going through. This is the best way to teach children link between good food, good health and exercise. The government spends approximately 2 billion money to keep their citizen healthy by involving them in Fat summer camp.

Children and parents both were involved in the camp. Various sports activities were there, happily they participated in it. By playing and spending leisure time with family and making new friend’s children learn the importance of healthy diet and was active by playing and exercising. Parents also got rid of obesity and involved in healthy eating diet.

If children have no option than having on daily basis same low nutritional food . They do not have any option and they inculcate in them bad eating habit. It is important to change your lifestyle and replace your diet plan with healthy low calorie food. Also sending your child alone to a gym does not motivate them to reduce unwanted calorie. Because of these the solution to this problem is weight loss camp. Join with your family on some regular interval. This will not only help you in maintaining your health but will also make your bonding stronger. An if you look fit, automatically self esteem and self confidence level rises.

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