7 Weight Loss Tips for Kids and Their Families

Today we are here with few tips and do’s and don’ts that is going to assist your victory over obesity for your loved ones:

1. For children their parents are role model. Since childhood till they grow up as matured young man or woman they watch their parents activity including eating habit too. Thus Parents must watch what they are eating. Also do not keep junk food in your kitchen or refrigerator. Better you fill your kitchen or refrigerator with fresh fruits or low calorie good fats containing snacks.

2. What you as a parent’s advice your child gets embedded in their brain. So it is very important to see the words you are using to give advice to your child. In place telling them to lose weight it will be better if you motivate them to stay healthy and fit by eating healthy food. Thus be optimistic and use positive approach to teach your child healthy eating habit.

3. Make sure you serve healthy food to the gathering which has greater at your place to celebrate any special occasion. Especially if any of your relative or friend who is overweight try to serve him/her healthy diet. This will help you keeping your family healthy and as it is said a family which eats together, stay together is the happy family with no obesity and healthy family members.

4. Keep an eye on your serving if you have gone on a restaurant or buffet system serving. Fill your first serving with lots of salads this will keep you healthy and help you in not doing over eating. Usually we tend to eat more. Also maintain a time gap of at least 10 to 15 minutes. And if you are feeling hungry then only go for second serving.

5. It is said that healthy breakfast keeps your family on healthy track for rest of your day. Thus try to begin your day with healthy breakfast. Breakfast should contain all the nutrition our body need in good amount as it generates energy to keep you active for entire day.

6. Engage yourself and your family in small-small physical activity. Make a plan to take your kids on morning and evening walk. Play outdoor games with them as this will keep them healthy, active and will reduce unwanted fat they have on their body.

7. However it is never easy to adopt change in lifestyle, but my friend never give up. In the beginning it might be they do not agree on the change lifestyle, but keep trying and motivating them.

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