10 Real Life Diet Tips

With limited income and time as well it is very difficult to choose diet plan in this era. In this world where every second of our life is engaged in some or the other task, practically it is not possible to spend half of our Sunday preparing carefully portioned meals for the rest of the week. Neither it is feasible financially. Don’t be disheartened today we going to discuss about few diet tips if included in daily life will help you to achieve your target to maintain a perfect body size and remain fit as well.

1. While making any order when you are out to have food at any restaurant, prefer choosing kids menu. This is going to help in eating less.

2. If you feel hungry apart from three regular meals you take i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner try taking low calorie snacks such as fruits, vegetable salads or juice.

3. Avoid frozen food or canned food as they are low in nutrition and have rich quantity of Sodium. The salt you intake on regular day fulfills the requirement of your body. Thus avoid it.

4. Instead of deep frying or baking prefer steaming method of cooking. By steaming all the nutrients of the food retain in it and you get the required amount of nutrition. Whereas deep frying cooking only add unwanted weight to your body rather than nutrition.

5. Eat food while sitting not standing , also while eating only concentrate on food do not think anything else. This way digestion metabolism work properly your food digest and unnecessary fat does not deposit in your body. Try to take small portion of food after every 3 hours of interval till your awake and engaged in some work.

6. Divide your meal intake in small proportion so that the metabolism of our body work continues and your food digestion process work correctly. Once your metabolism will be correct you will have a healthy body.

7. Avoid aerated drinks, especially Soda they only add fat to your body. Try fruit juice in place of Soda. If possible prefer fresh fruit juice.

8. As we all are aware 70% of our body contains water, my friend drinks as much as wear you can. Water not only keeps your body healthy bot also clean your body. Your food will be digested well and you are going to feel hungry. Secondly you never be dehydrated thus keeping your body not only healthy but active too.

9. It’s OK you do not have time and money to have membership of any GYM. Engage yourself in small games not daily at least thrice a week. You can go on regular morning or evening walk with your friend.

10. Avoid fatty food or snacks; include healthy low calorie snacks or food in your routine life. Follow the famous saying Eat Healthy, Think Healthy and Live healthy.

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